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About US
New Baby | is a leading producer, converter, and exporter of tissue paper in North Africa, the Mediterranean

Our hygienic industrial history started since 2005 by gathering the efforts and experiences of an elite group from Syrian industrials and merchants, where the business grows up and flourished in Syria
In 2012, all these experiences and investments being moved to Egypt, where we found the fertile land to grow such industry, and investments, where we were from the few pioneers in this industry in Egypt, and we proud to be a major element of it prosperity in Egypt.

Now in 2017 we established our new factory with new and developed production lines, for copping the new researches and developments which aims mainly the rest of the children and the parents as well. Also, we added new products of the wet wipes.

We launched our new brands with new designs and developments where it suits the variety of the society.

Our Products where the magic mixture of the Quality and the low price have been literally embedded.

Our brands of Baby diapers and wet Wipes, have the high-quality features, the durability and the reliability, all are added to the low price which suits a very large range of consumers.

Our Baby diapers have the good shape of printed back sheet, which gives funny and happiness to the child’s look; drawing the smile on every parent’s face. An anti-leaking side wings which give freedom to the baby movement. The side hook tape gives the mam the free to use it many times to be sure of the diaper fitness to the body of her baby, and with high absorbing materials the baby always dry and always comfortable.
In addition to the diapers we present our product of the wet wipes, packed in a carton including three different perfumes, differentiated with very handsome colored pack, and with plastic cover guarantee the tight sealing, preventing wipes to get dry or damaged.

Our wipes specially designed and produced for the baby soft skin, with anti-bacterial materials, without alcohol, and with three different original fresh perfumes, our wipes cleanse, freshen, and gives very beautiful smell to your baby.

All these qualities and features are presented in a very low price which are calculated and presented in an economic package, taking into consideration the large rang of middle and under middle class customers who deserve the good quality with the low price, the thing we are working and aiming to.